Article Out Loud - Targeted Violence in Schools: Are Future Educators Prepared?

By Danielle Arias, Jesse Spearo & Kelley L. Davis, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness, August 23, 2023.

Targeted-violent events threaten staff and students’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being in public schools. However, the increasing frequency of these incidents raises concerns about the preparedness of incoming teachers and current staff to handle such incidents.

Narrated by MacGregor Stephenson.

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Danielle Arias

Danielle Arias, M.S., is an educator with 22 years of experience teaching in New Jersey public schools. Her passion for school safety led her to earn a master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management from Nova Southeastern University. Ms. Arias actively researches and enhances school safety measures and preparedness within her school district and local community.

Jesse Spearo

Jesse Spearo, Ph.D., is a 20-year veteran of public safety. He has served at every level of government and responded to dozens of disasters in a command or general staff role. He currently serves as assistant director for the Department of Emergency Management for Miami-Dade County.

Kelley L. Davis

Kelley L. Davis, Ph.D., has been a faculty member at Nova Southeastern University since 2003 and has been a professor and director of Disaster and Emergency Management for over 12 years. Before her academic career, Dr. Davis spent five years in law enforcement. She specializes in training medical personnel in the recognition of and medical countermeasures for chemical and biological agents.



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